The other day, I was watching one of those political talk shows and they were talking about marketing to the “Millennial Generation.”  The show was saying that Millennials value the “unique” and “authentic” things in life.  I learned that if it’s not “authentic” you might as well not even waste your time trying to market someone reaching adulthood around early 2000’s.

This struck me as interesting because we have a lot of people come to our showroom and ask for white marble countertops.  As someone who was introduced to the granite industry in 2006, general consensus was that marble is just not a good option as a countertop because of it’s tendency to scratch and stain.  However, I could never understand why White Carrara was durable enough for Roman Forum but not durable enough for a kitchen.  I feel as if I’ve heard more sales people try to talk customers out of marble instead of educating consumers of the pros and cons of this beautiful material.

Yes, it is a fact that in general marble will scratch more easily than granite or quartz.  However, it is also a fact that nothing in this world looks as unique as a beautiful piece of Calacatta Carrara Marble either.  So, we have implemented this question as soon as someone asks us about marble:

If I came to your house and scratched your new marble countertops, would you say I ruined them or made them more authentic?  If your answer is “more authentic”, you either have more in common with a Millennial than you think, or you may be a good candidate for a Marble Countertop.

If so, you may want to check out the Top 5 White Marble Countertops below:

White (Bianco) Cararra Marble– 

White Cararra is by far the worlds most popular white marble.  It typically has  grayish undertones.  There are different levels of Cararra where the more pure (i.e. white) the Cararra the more expensive it is as well.  Another very popular option is to have it “honed”, as honing it will dull the polished look, and will have a tendency for any scratches to blend in with the material.

Calacatta Gold Marble- 

Calacatta Gold is typically more expensive than White Cararra.  The base of color is almost always white as opposed to gray.  The veining is much more pronounced and has tones of gold throughout.

Calacatta Manhattan Marble – 

If you are looking for heavier movement than White Cararra, then Calcatta Manhattan is the stone for you.

Calacatta Toscano Marble – 

The first time I saw Calacatta Toscano, I thought it was a piece of Calacatta Gold, until I saw the price tag.  While more expensive than White Cararra, it definitely is priced less than traditional Calacatta Gold Marble.  This is a great substitute marble if you’ve run over on other aspects of your remodel.

White Monte Blanc Marble- 

Another lower cost marble is White Monte Blanc.  Every piece is a bit random, and the viening is inconsistant, but more sweeping.  It’s best to view the pieces before you have it installed.

As with all natural stones, it’s best to view them before you approve them.  If you’d like to visit our showroom and view these slabs please swing by 113 A South Witchduck Road, Virginia Beach, VA.  757-275-9382.

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