Absolutely!! Because Quality Stone Concepts actually cuts, polishes and installs your granite, we have over 50 types of slabs to look at. Swing by our newly renovated showroom and “tag” your material.

Granite typically comes in 3 different thicknesses. 1cm for tiles, 2cm (3/4” thick) for bathroom vanity tops and fireplace surrounds and 3cm (1 1/4” thick) for kitchen countertops. The average slab of granite is approximately 115”x65”.

Prefabricated granite is granite that has been cut and polished overseas to take advantage of lower labor costs. Quality Stone imports prefabricated granite vanity tops. We carry 4 colors in 7 standard sizes. These 2cm granite vanity tops are imported with the backsplashes already cut, the faucet spreads are already drilled and the undermount bowl cut out is already done. The labor savings are passed to the customer.

Absolutely, we have a large selection of remnant pieces of granite. The benefit of using remnant pieces of granite is that you can save money as well as eliminate the costly waste associated with buying an entire slab of granite. Remnant pieces of granite are optimal for single bathroom vanity tops.

In addition to the cost savings of bundling all of your materials though one supplier, we can provide a one stop solution for all of your remodeling needs. Instead of having one supplier provide your sinks, one supplier provide your faucets, another for your cabinets and a fourth company providing your granite countertops we can help you with all. This helps shorten lead times, lower overall cost and helps minimize numerous headaches that come along with a typical kitchen and bath remodel.

Lead times will vary. However, approximately 1-2 weeks after the final measurement have been take is a good estimation. Contact QSC for current lead times.

Absolutely, cabinets MUST be secure and LEVEL for QSC to take accurate measurements and start the fabrication process.

Also though it is optimal to have the existing appliances in the house, it is not necessary for the fabrication process to begin. As long as your appliance selection is final, we can use the manufacturers spec sheet to fabricate the granite accurately.

There are many variables in pricing granite countertops (i.e. square footage, type of granite selected, undermount sinks verses drop in, backsplashes etc), however a granite can start as low as $55 a square foot installed.

The first step would be to take BASIC measurements of your existing countertops. This will help us determine the approximate amount of square footage needed for your job. Once BASIC measurements are taken, you can either fax or email to QSC and we’ll help assist you with your selection of granite.

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