In the countertop industry, as Bob Dylan once said, “the times they are a changin.”  5 years ago most granite sold contained color patterns that were gold, brown, tan and taupe.  Today, the trend seems to be changing to more blues, grays and whites.  With this being said, numerous people will come to our showroom and ask the questions:  “Is there a white granite that looks like marble that doesn’t scratch and stain the way that marble does?”  And the Answer is a resounding maybe.  Below are the 5 most popular “white granite” options:

Fantasy Brown –

This is a Low/Mid price granite and definitely the most popular granite at the moment.   Fantasy Brown exhibits many characteristics of exotic marble, but has a more reasonable price tag than some of the more expensive stones.

white granite with “flow”

Star Beach – 

This is a also a popular selection at the moment as the pattern on the stone is more typically reflective of a granite than a marble.  The White, Black and Gray pattern is easy to work with, and the flow is random enough that seams look great.

Snowfall – 

Snowfall granite is in the Mid/High price category, and probably is the closest to an all white granite as God makes.  Whites and creams dominate this slab, as it also has some random veining well.

Alaska White Granite – 

Like Snowfall this slab is very white but has less veining and more of a traditional granite pattern.  It’s in the High price category.

River White Granite –

River White is your budget friendly “white granite.”  It does have some veining as well a lot of cranberry spots.  This is a very popular section at the moment because of it’s price point and wide appeal.

Typically, it’s never a great idea to select a slab of granite based on a picture on the internet.  If you’d like to schedule a time to view these or any of our other slabs, please swing by our showroom at 113A  S. Whichduck Road, Virginia Beach, VA 23462 – 757-275-9382

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