Dekton is a brand new product brought to you by Cosentino.  If you watch HDTV, most people recognize Consentino’s Silestone brand.  Cosentino has recently launched and partnered with QSC to bring this innovative product to your home or commercial property.

What is it?

Dekton is a sophisticated mixture of raw material which includes glass, the latest generation porcelain tiles and quartz surfaces.

For exterior applications, Dekton is highly UV, abrasion and stain resistant.  It has high resistance to fire and heat and low water absorption.  Book matched, this product looks incredible on exterior walls, stairs, indoor and bathroom walls as well as bathroom and pool floors.

The fact that it’s highly scratch resistant, suitable for contact with water, resistant to freezing and thawing and has incredible color stability make it the perfect product for kitchen (indoor and out) countertops, bathroom countertops and indoor floors.

It also carries an industry leading 25 year warranty.