Does anyone know what this (*) this is?  Correct, it’s an asterisk.  It allows a company to say one thing, and mean the other.  The asterisk is what allows the big box stores the legal bait you at the front door and then switch your price at the register.

Granite “Starting at $35 *per square foot” means that  it generally starts at $35 when you walk in, and when it’s time to pay it has additional charges which generally make your $35 dollar granite, more like $60 a square foot.

Additional charges that generally apply to “*$35 granite” are the following:

sink cut out – (i.e. – $325 per sink cut out)

edge polishing – (i.e. – $1 a linear inch for standard edge)

4″ backsplashes (i.e. $1 linear inch)

installation – (i.e. – $10 a square foot)

state and local tax – (i.e. 6% in the state of Virginia)

cook top cut outs (i.e. $125)

If you don’t believe me, walk into home depot and tell them you have a 55 square foot kitchen and say you won’t pay a dime over $1925.  I’m so convinced that they won’t do it, that if they do, I’ll give you free** countertops.


** – see Store manager for details.  Quality Stone chooses to define and interpret what the word “free” means.