Natural stone is a unique material that known for its durability and good looks. Although natural stone is a popular choice for countertops among homeowners, contractors, and flippers, there are several myths about the practicality of the product.


Myth #1: Natural Stone Stains Easily

Busted: Staining is a HUGE concern for many homeowners considering natural stone countertops. Well, I have good news; natural stone does NOT stain easily. Although, natural stone is not impervious to all stains, in most cases it can be easily treated for stains like coffee, wine, grease, and cosmetics.


Myth #2: Natural Stone is Expensive.

Busted: Price point is always a concern for homeowners, flippers, and contractors looking to purchase natural stone countertops. Natural stone comes in a variety of price points that fit under most budgets. The cost of the material depends on the rarity of the stone and the location in which it was quarried.


Myth #3: Natural Stone is Delicate and Requires Too Much Maintenance.

Busted: Maintenance is always a concern for those looking to purchase natural stone. Fortunately, most natural stones are very low maintenance.  Quartz is 100% maintenance free. Granite is basically maintenance free, besides having to seal it once a year. While marble and softer stones are more likely to etch and scratch, preventive measures (cutting boards and non-acidic cleaners) can be taken to lessen the likely hood.


Myth #4: Natural Stone Goes Out of Style.

Busted: You may have noticed HGTV promoting trendy grey cabinets and white quartz’s on their TV programs. While some colors may go in and out of fashion, like grey and white, natural stone countertops will always be classic and timeless regardless of the decade.


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