Right now there’s more demand for “white marble” than at anytime in the last 20 years.  Did you know that there are hundreds of other “white Marbles” other than traditional White Carrara?  Here are some different unique options from some of our local suppliers.

White Soapstone

White Sand Leather Marble

Traditional White Carrara Honed

Super White Quartzite

Staturietto Marble

Shadow Storm Marble

Grey Vanatino

Grigio Italia Marble

Greylack Marble

Covelano Marble

Book matched slabs of marble

Book matching is one way to make your seams more artistic.

Calcutta Lincoln Marble

Statuarietto Marble

Mystery White Marble

Bianco Gioia Marble

Bianco Caraibi Marble

Covelano Fantasy Marble

Calcutta Lincoln (Exotic Marble)

Calcutta Crema Marble

Calcutta Blue Marble

Calacata Belgia Marble

Calacata Manhattan Marble

Marble countertops are not for everyone, and there is ALOT of misinformation on the internet.  Please see a QSC sales associate for the pro’s and con’s of this natural product.

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