Below are 4 different “white and gray” countertop options in 4 different price points.  Please book a time with Quality Stone Concepts to review your options.


Even though Marble has a reputation of not being a good material for kitchen countertops, QSC is definitely seeing a Renaissance in this material. Shadow Storm Marble is a “hard” marble that is quarried in Brazil instead of Italy. It has a LOW PRICE point.


Even though the name screams “quarried in The Commonwealth”, this flowing granite is indigenous to Italy. This Mid-Priced stone is polished on one side, and honed on the other, giving homeowners a choice of the texture they prefer.


What is quartzite you ask? If you Google quartzite and don’t have a geology degree, more than likely you will be confused with the results. At QSC we like to think of quartzite as the material we recommend for people that love the look of marble, but just don’t trust marble’s natural characteristics. Quartzite is a High Priced option.


Hold on to your purses and wallets, but get ready to brag to your designer friends. Calcutta Borghini is an exotic marble, and probably one of the most expensive stones in Hampton Roads. Supply of fine Italian marble is controlled by the quarry to inflate the price of the material. Typically, the “whiter” the background of the marble, the more expensive it is.

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