How Home Depot’s $35/SF granite magically becomes $82/SF

How Home Depot’s $35/SF granite magically becomes $82/SF

Last week on my lunch break, at my wife’s request, I stopped by Home Depot in Virginia Beach to get some gutter guards and trash bags.  I did something that I swore I’d never do.  I mystery shopped one of my largest countertop competitors: Home Depot.

I was intrigued by the sign outside that read granite for $35 sf, and thought I’d investigate.

I sat down with my sales person.   We’ll call her Cheryl.  Cheryl was a lovely lady, she was friendly and helpful.  I have nothing negative to say about my experience with her.  I provided Cheryl with hand drawings of my kitchen which equaled 49.05 square feet.  I selected two options (Giallo Ornamental Granite and White Arabesque Quartz.)

Cheryl asked s few specific questions, about my job and calculated a total number.  I was preparing myself for the final number to be somewhere around $1,732.5 based on my square footage and the advertising outside.  Cheryl presented me with two quotes, one for $4,005.60 and the other for $4,790.40.

Being in the industry, I was expecting this bait and switch tactic, as Home Depot and Lowes are not my only competitors who employ this tactic.  So, I thought this experience would make good reading for those of you who follow “The World’s Most Boring Blog.”

A Quick review of the Giallo Ornamental Granite quote discovered the following:

  • Giallo Ornamental was a Level 3 granite, which was not $35 a square foot, but in fact $54 a square foot. A quick review of Home Depot’s “Level 1” stones reminded me of trip to a Super 8 Motel.
  • I was charged $445.50 for “edge detail.” All I requested was a “basic bullnose” edge.  I came to find out the only edges they offer in their “included” price range was a “flat square” edge, or a Bevel (which I actually kinda liked).
  • Next, I noticed a charge for $269 for double bowl 18 gauge sink, at QSC they are complimentary.
  • After that I noticed a charge of $250 for mounting and polishing said sink.
  • I was also charged $392.40 for removal and haul away of my existing countertops, which I thought was a good deal, but wasn’t offered the opportunity to do it myself.

All of these additional charges brought me to a grand total of $4,005, which based on my 49.05 square feet equaled $81.66 a square foot out the door.  The quartz option reflected the exact same pricing structure at almost $97.68 per square foot.

In conclusion, there is NOTHING wrong with shopping at Home Depot or Lowes, just don’t buy their granite or quartz countertops.  Buy their Hammers, nails and grills, but don’t overpay for your countertops.  Come see why Quality Stone is the best priced, best reviewed countertop company in Hampton Roads.  We have shorter lead times, lower prices and more industry expertise.  We will gladly beat any written quote from Home Depot or Lowes and that is a Guarantee.

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  1. Brenda Kachel December 8, 2016 at 4:21 pm - Reply

    You did not read the sign correctly. It says starting AT. That does not refer to the fact, you could go in and pick any counter top for 35.00. Do you go into a restaurant and get lobster for a chicken price? NO I do not think so.

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