This has been our 6th year supporting the Virginia Beach Education Foundation and my first year supporting them while also having a child in the Virginia Beach Public School system.  My association with the Virginia Beach Education just went from hobby to real. 🙂

Hopefully, both of my children will one day benefit from one of these wonderful Grants.  Thanks to all of this years sponsors.

The 3 grants that QSC were involved in underwriting were:


Lego’s Lego’s Lego’s.  

Director Rebecca Rawls, and first graders will use Legos to increase understanding of basic math concepts, complete performance tasks and write — all the while staying engaged in the learning process.


Mindcraft 3-D House Design Challenge

Director Steven Fisher and students will create a virtual 3-D home to explore math concepts of area, perimeter and volume.


5th Grade Ukulele Uni and Ensemble

Director Cris Pelausa and 5th grade students will learn to play a ukelele both solo and as a group to explore music from folk songs from various countries to arrangements of popular music and jazz.  Music literacy and social skills will be developed.

Quality Stone Concepts is a true local company.  We specialize in Granite and Quartz Countertops, kitchen and bath cabinets, sinks and faucets.  We are located at 113 A. South Witchduck Road, Va Beach VA 23462.