There are many reasons to consider Quality Stone Concepts, and our 3000 square foot showroom is as good a reason as any.  Don’t settle for 10 – 3×3 samples at Home Depot or Lowes to make a selection.  We have developed “the idea wall” to expose our customers to the many uses of natural stone in addition to granite countertops. 

For example did you know that marble is perfect for using in master baths and fireplace surrounds not only because of its beauty, but the size of the slabs quarried are typically smaller than most granite.  This will allow for less waste and a lower overall cost? 

Have you ever seen a back lit onyx bar? Onyx is one of the most interesting and stunning natural stones available and is even used as art work in some high end hotels. 

Travertine is a natural stone that comes from Italy, Turkey and Mexico.  Do you know the difference in cost and look?   Do you know which one is the least expensive? 

Did you know that there are over 25 different types of slate available?  There are actually more Limestone available than slates.  And what exactly is quartzite? 

Finally do you know the difference between Soapstone that is quarried in Brazil and here in Virginia?  If you are just dying to know the answers to these and other mysteries of life, come by 113 S. Witch duck Road and let introduce you to a $5 billion a year industry that is so much more than your kitchen countertops.