QSC – VBEF – Innovative Learning Grant

OK, so this is the last post of the day.  I just thought this was worth mentioning as this email came in as I was posting about Project Redbot.  Our 2nd grant was awarded to Arrowhead Elementary School, and it was called "Pair"fect Pets Promote "Paws"itive Virginia Choice Reading.  Mouthfull huh? This grant was directed towards children who were having trouble reading out loud.  Instead of reading to their classmates, they were "paired" with stuffed animals, to ease the tension of public speaking.  Miss Petty, where was this when I was in 3rd grade? Dear Mr. Pirrone and Mr. Culicerto,   Thank you so much for donating money for our learning grant "Pair"fect Pets Promote "Paws"itive Virginia Choice Reading.  First graders and third graders paired [...]