Top 10 Home Depot Granite Countertop Reviews

Granite Counter Install By Pro53174 - 09/14/2015 FORT MYERS, FLORIDA -- Granite installed by Distinctive Tile that Home Depot hired to do job on Fort Myers beach Fl. There's a wide gap between where the butted two pieces of granite and one side of butted together piece of granite is 1/16". At minimum leer than other. Look at pictures as anybody can see. Installed December 2014 and this is September 2015 and they are still the same. Called Home Depot 100s of times and still at square one.. Granite Purchase Through Home Depot By Chilly - 06/19/2014 MONTGOMERY COUNTY, PENNSYLVANIA -- I purchased granite from Home Depot and their third party company installed two year ago. Early spring I started seeing some defect on the [...]