Purchase – Refer – Score

Want a team you can rely on? Looking for a reliable partner to recommend to your clients? Then it’s time to sign up for Hampton Road’s first Kitchen and Bath Loyalty Program – QSC Stone Plus. We are offering our customers store credit for helping us promote and grow our company. Use your store credit as a currency for current and future home/bath remodeling projects.

Professional like Choice

Apply your credits for personal use on your next home remodel project, an investment property, new construction or even gift it to a friend or colleague. It’s FREE! No hidden costs, no yearly fees, just a great opportunity to develop or further strengthen your relationship with “The Best Reviewed Granite and Cabinet Company in Hampton Roads.”

How Do I Enroll

You will need to register up by sending your contact information via our contact page.


Qualified Purchases

Contractors and property investors, for each qualified purchase, the customer will accrue a store credit equivalent to 3% of the final price. Contract must paid-in-full to accrue store credit, and customer must be in good standing to redeem store credit. Store credit can be applied to the cost of countertops (Marble/Granite/Quartz) only. Store credit expires 365 days from the date of the last qualified purchase.


We value your referrals. If you are not in a position to be a repeat customer, please let your friends, family or coworkers know about us. For qualified referrals, 1.5% of the final price will be allocated as future store credit. All you have to do to register your referral prior to the customer visiting our showroom. To register a referral, e-mail us at [email protected] with your name, your referral’s name/phone number and email address. Once the project is 100% complete, 1.5% of the dollar amount they spend with the QSC Companies will be allocated to you as future store credit. Store Credit obtained by referral will NEVER EXPIRE.